Eileen Polkinghorne

For the past eight years Pierrette has been teaching French to me.  She is an excellent teacher, her lessons are always well prepared.  She is happy to tailor lessons to the needs of the class  She is flexible and has produced a fantastic atmosphere in the group.  She encourages everyone to speak no matter how shy they may feel.  She builds her students confidence gently and kindly.

Pierrette has a great sense of humour which brings warmth and fun to her class.  Her lessons are always well structured with consolidation being an integral part of each week. As a group of people we joined her class as individuals and at the end of our time with her she has left a group of people who are firm friends who wish to continue to study together. Given the opportunity again I would not hesitate to join one of Pierrette’s classes.  She will be sorely missed by all her students. 

Liz Dorey

I started going to Pierrette's French improver class about four or five years ago and always enjoyed them.  I had previously learned French at school but failed 'O' level about 50 years ago so I knew some grammar but my french conversation left a lot to be desired.  Her lessons were always well planned and we did a mixture of grammar revision and conversation, and although we were all at slightly different levels she managed to make the lessons relevant for all of us and we are now far more confident when visiting la belle France.

The lessons were always fun and never tedious or boring as she has a lighthearted approach to teaching which I'm sure helped us to gel as a group.  Monday mornings just won't be the same now she's moved to Cornwall.

Mervyn Blessett

Pierrette Humphreys has been my French tutor for about 5 years in Adult Classes at Wake House in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Although I only had schoolboy French on starting these lessons I now feel confident speaking this language in any situation. This is entirely due to Pierrette. She would engage us in conversation, help in every way with vocabulary and grammar and explain difficult points over and over with great enthusiasm. Her classes were never dull and always lots of fun as she has a great sense of humour and, being a French national, always made sure our pronunciation was correct.

I understand that Pierrette is hoping to continue teaching after relocation to Cornwall and I highly recommend her as a tutor to anyone wishing to learn or improve their French.

Hilary Addison

Learning French with Pierrette is fun! I joined the Intermediate group 4 years ago to improve my conversational French.  I now have much more confidence and can communicate with non English speakers.

Pierrette quickly understands our individual strengths and weaknesses and used a variety of interesting and often topical activities to ensure everyone in the group can progress.

I have even learned some grammar,, an area which has eluded me for 50 years!